We connect your systems.

We connect your systems.

Let’s connect.

It’s all about connections. Your ERP, accounting software or website: communication between systems takes your organization to the next level. Data exchange and system integration are indispensable. That’s where CDS steps in. With over twenty years of experience and technical knowledge we identify your problems, advise, and carry out.

Whether it’s everyday data, failure reports or periodic statistics: we enable your processes to flow. Our experienced team of engineers supports you to save time, money and frustration.

Let’s work on


automation instead of error-prone manual work

Accurate timing

no delay in data exchange

Value out of data



With the unique CDS platform, automated data exchange between all imaginable sources and systems is guaranteed. We create:


‘I want to work more efficiently. Manual data work costs too much time.’


‘I want to automate processes. My systems don’t communicate. This takes too much time and causes errors.’


‘I want to grow in Business Intelligence. My systems provide valuable data I want to unlock to improve my business.’

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Professional services

With over 20 years of experience in system integration and project management we provide solutions for your problems in no time.

Integration engineering

‘I have old systems (legacy) I want to phase out.’

Project & program management

‘I can’t manage the project myself and want to outsource the full system integration.”

Support services

‘I’m looking for second- and third line technical support for my existing software package.’

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About CDS.

Our mission: improving the quality of your processes. We open up and use data, generate insights, build connections and develop tools. Our team is built upon knowledge and expertise and maybe even more important, we make sure that we enjoy our work!

We get energized by realizing improvements for our clients. Whether it’s tooling, architecture, data solutions or integration challenges: team CDS knows it all. How about a tool that makes a department work 30% faster? Or a super tight data analysis that helps the management team substantiate decisions? The possibilities with the CDS platform are endless. Our clients appreciate our sharp findings and flexible approach. Furthermore, the fact that we produce appropriate solutions fast as lightning. And guess what: we’re also sociable and fun, which is quite helpful in complex projects.

“The CDS platform turns even the most challenging data problems into valuable insights.”

Geert Leijenhorst

Digital Solutions

Ilse Wienbelt

Business Development

Casper Bijl

Support Services

Supriya Gupta

Development Team